City Hall, Newcastle

19 September 1991

(Thirty-One Years Later)

Magnum didn't have a new studio album to promote for this tour, which should have meant a set of older material. But they did have a live album, The Spirit, which was recorded on a the last tour and therefore heavily biased towards the newer material. So this tour, like that last one, had a lot of new material.

I would be hard pressed to name a Magnum song I didn't like, so I would have enjoyed everything they played in this concert. But I always hoped for something older, and my memory is that there wasn't much of that. I expect we had The Spirit and Sacred Hour in the encore, but I doubt there was anything else pre-Storytellers.

So did I think this this was the best concert I had ever seen? Yes, of course I did. It was Magnum, and Magnum never delivered a sub-par performance.

Magnum t-shirt front
Magnum t-shirt back