Marc Atkinson

O'Niells, York

4 December 2009

I missed Marc's first set (due to being in the Duchess) but arrived at O'Niells in plenty of time for his second set, which lasted for an hour and a half by itself — Marc seems incapable of refusing requests and kept adding "one more song" well after the venue had called time!

The only negative about the gig was that basically I hate pubs as music venues: too crowded, too noisy, too full of people who would rather shout above the music instead of listening to it.

But venue apart, I have no complaints about the performance.

Most of his set is covers of apparently popular modern rock songs — so natually I didn't know most of them! But the ones I did know were well worth the price of admission and even the ones I didn't know sound great with Marc playing them. Marc is an excellent singer, a great guitar player, but above all a great entertainer, delivering exactly what the appreciative crowd wanted.

An excellent end to the evening.

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