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Marc Atkinson

The Punch Bowl, York

13 June 2007

A bit of a surprise gig for me. I hadn't gone to York looking for Marc, I just sort of found him there by accident. I last saw him four years ago at the Opera House and this gig was a bit different — the venue was the back room of a pub so small that Marc probably didn't need his amp! But it was perfectly suited for a one-man-and-a-guitar gig.

Marc Atkinson has a gorgeous voice, writes beautiful songs, has a friendly and engaging manner. He didn't come with a set list, he just played anything anyone asked him to. (I think he only refused one request all night, and he promised to learn that one for next time!)

To be honest, half the modern songs he covered were by bands I've barely heard of (!) and I wish he had played more of his own material. But it was all sung so well that it didn't matter that it was unfamiliar to me.

Highlights: Mother Love (his own compostion, and his best one in my opinion) followed by Comfortably Numb. And that Clapton song about Doctor Who... yes, that was worth hearing ;-)

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