Newcastle University

5 March 2002

I saw them last night and they were absolutely fantastic. It was the best concert I've ever been to!

Unfortunately the crowd was very small — probably under 300 people. That's what you get for playing Newcastle on a match night! But I think we made up for it in enthusiasm.

I've seen Bob solo a few times recently, but it can't compare with having a real band behind him. The whole band played well and the atmosphere was brilliant. The Man of the Night award goes to Harry James on drums, who fits in with the band really well. And my God he's loud! Forget my ears ringing — my chest is still ringing.

They played almost every old favourite. You could probably guess the set list! Three songs from the new album — two were good, the other one was my least favourite. Oh well...

I think the band was having a good time. I just hope they get good enough crowds to make them carry on. Who says rock bands should retire when they pass 50?