Mostly Autumn

The Duchess, York

22 June 2013

Ok, you've heard me say it all before and you're probably sick of it so this time I'm going to stick to the facts.

Fact #1..........Alex Cromarty is probably my favourite modern drummer, and I will be happy if he's in the band forever. With no disrespect meant to any previous occupants of the MA drum stool, he brings a different feel, and it's one that I really like.

Fact #2..........This was the most rockingest Mostly Autumn set I've heard in years, from the choice of material to the energy of the playing and singing, this was intense. Even the inclusion of an acoustic number in the middle didn't change that (because when Olivia sings ballads, she does it with 120% energy).

Fact #3..........This was the best concert I've ever seen.

And you know it must be true, because I'm just giving you the facts.

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