Mostly Autumn Christmas Party

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

15–16 December 2005

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Mostly Autumn

From the left: Bryan on guitar and vocals, Andy (barely visible behind Heather) on bass, Heather on high whistle, Andrew on drums, Liam on guitar, Angela on flute, and Iain (at least his arm) on keyboards. It looks like the song is Dark Before the Dawn. Note the festive Christmas decorations.

A slightly better shot (maybe) of the band during the same song. Note that Heather is always over-exposed as she's always in the brightest spotlight.

Mostly Autumn

That was from the second half of the show. The next one is from the first half (can you spot the obvious difference?)

Mostly Autumn

I think this must be The Last Climb, just before the flute solo. It's a bit orange.

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