Katie Doherty

Mining Institute, Newcastle

31 January 2018

It's been more than five years since I saw Katie Doherty sing. For a while I was seeing her all over the place and then she just sort of ... vanished

Then out of the blue, at the last minute, I learned she would be supporting Calum Stewart in Newcastle. So despite the short notice, and despite my usual reservations about going to a concert just to see the support band for a main act I've never heard of, there was no way I could pass this up.

For anyone who doesn't know (and I've just realised that even though I've seen her about 10 times now, this is the first time I've written about her), Katie sings, plays piano, and writes her own songs. Absolutely beautiful songs. Her songs always make me cry.

She played for about half an hour and half a dozen songs. All but one of the songs were new to me, but they're all as beautiful as any of things I'm familiar with, so I was still in tears. I wish she had done more (I wish Beautiful Colour or Something Warmer or, well, any of them), but what she did was still worth the trip into town.

With her were David Gray on melodeon and Shona Mooney on violin. I've heard them both before (Shona many times) but not with Katie, but they work really well as a trio and it's a nice combination of instruments.

And I can't think of anything else to say. Short review for a short concert :-)

Best (short) concert I have ever seen.

I hope I don't have to wait another five years.