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The Cluny, Newcastle

7 March 2007

Everybody should go and see this band!

They're even better than I remembered!

Very quick review: absolutely stunning show. The new guitar player (Niels someoneorother) is phenomenal, only a young 'un but maybe one of the best virtuosos I've ever seen (imagine somebody with the technique of Vai or Satriani but the feel of a jazz player). The show lasted the best part of three hours, the band just wouldn't stop! I missed my bus back but I didn't care. Everyone had a good length solo, including at least three drum solos! (When the band came out to sign CDs at the end, van der Linden was missing. "He's still in there doing another drum solo," they joked.)

Played a far bit from their new album, which they seem justly proud of.

Absolutely fantastic crowd too, definitely up for a good yodel and appreciative of everything the band did (not just the hits). When Thijs took a five-minute flute solo, you could hear a pin drop.

Ah, words can't do justice to what amazing musicians they are. Even if you don't know their music, you should get along to a gig just to be amazed by their playing.

Best concert I've ever been to. Absolutely fantastic. Unbelieveable.