Deep Purple

Roundhouse, London

17 October 2013

Fourth and last gig of the tour for me.

28 years ago I stood in front of a stage in a muddy field at my first ever concert and made a promise: "next time".

28 years and 37 concerts later, I've kept the promise.

And had so many good times, seen so much, made so many friends, real and virtual.

It's always hard to know what to write in the last review of the tour. I've said it all before and I would just repeat myself. And it's hard to describe the feelings... still buzzing from a fantastic gig, but numb with fatigue and sad that it's all over.

In the cold light of day I will look back over the tour and tell you that Wednesday was the best night. But going by how I feel right now, I know tonight was the best concert I've ever seen.

Highlights: Don's intro in Lazy, Ian Paice in The Mule, Roger's bass solo, and every note played by Steve Morse. Best songs: Well Dressed Guitar, Above and Beyond, Perfect Strangers. You choose, I can't. It was all a highlight. Next time ...

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