Blackmore's Night

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh

7 November 2003


Imagine the scene... 1000 fans arrive at Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, and get the awful news that Candice Night is sick and can't sing! Was there a riot? No! At the last minute, the box office staff made the following announcement:

"All the band is sick except Ritchie Blackmore. We will of course give a full refund — but, if you prefer to hold on to your ticket, Mr. Blackmore will be performing a short set without the rest of his band."

Needless to say, not one ticket was returned for a refund. And the theatre even sold a few more last-minute tickets as word spread around the fans' grapevine.

By 7.30, the theatre was packed and buzzing with anticipation. An announcement came over the PA: "The support band have all come down with the same mysterious illness and Mr. Blackmore will be playing a double-length set. We apologise for this change to the programme." (This last bit of the message was drowned out by huge cheers from the crowd.)

At 8.00, the curtains opened to reveal a bare stage. Not even a microphone was in sight. The Man In Black wandered on, wearing a white Fender Stratocaster. He mumbled some inaudible introduction, flipped a hand-signal to his off-stage guitar tech, and...

Then I woke up :-(